The Rise of Medical Cannabis Industry in Canada

We all know marijuana and its various products have exploded onto the scene in the last few years. The idea of ‘recreational’ products has been around for a long time- but since its legalization, there are more and more uses for it in the medical field. With more and more people choosing to take alternative routes in the name of their health, it’s not surprising that the medical uses of marijuana have increased significantly.

Legalization has opened the floodgates for new uses for cannabis. We’re at the at really great sweet spot where it’s possible to get it without a prescription, and therefore easier to experiment with. Retailers can’t pop up fast enough- each with something different to offer. You’ll even be able to pick up your products at your local drugstore instead of a dedicated retailer soon! It’s like the end of prohibition all over again- and the stigma is going with it.

So what’s the big draw towards medical uses of cannabis?

CBD- one of the main compounds of cannabis- is also approved in the US for treatment of certain types of epilepsy. You’ve probably seen CBD products on the shelves more and more- for pain, for skin, for all sorts of purposes. Interest in these products has exploded- but it’s not just the latest buzzword. Pain management is the big medical use of cannabis- and can provide a safe long-term alternative to other conventional methods. Both THC and CBD (main elements of cannabis) are effective for pain and having multiple components work for pain management makes it even more useful. This is the biggest draw towards medical marijuana, since many are unable to use or uncomfortable with long term pain medication. It can also be used in conjunction with cancer treatment- and ongoing research has raised hopes for more pain management combinations in the future. Anxiety- cannabis is well-known as a relaxant and a remedy for anxiety and anxious thoughts. It may also help with insomnia and sleep conditions. It’s a popular alternative to anti-anxiety medication, which can present with a host of nasty side effects or have an overkill effect. Being able to use marijuana as a medically backed alternative is a huge game changer for many people. One of the most important things to consider when using marijuana products for medical purposes is the quality of the product. With dozens of brands popping out of the snow like daisies it’s crucial to find a brand with a history of consistent and quality product. After all, you wouldn’t trust medication with inconsistent quality- why would you risk it with your medical cannabis? Dymond Concentrates utilizes the latest growing technology to deliver consistent and quality product across the board. You can’t fake years of experience, and it shows in every product we create. Whether your uses are recreational or medical, you can count on Dymond for all your cannabis needs.

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